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Tax Recruitment Specialists


Tax Recruitment Specialists,

through and through.

The Tax division of The Consultancy Group focuses exclusively on placing tax professionals in FTSE 100 & FTSE 250, Inbound Multinational Groups, Financial Services and Privately Owned Businesses. Our clients benefit from our extensive Tax network, which provides access to the best talent in the market.

“Our most Esteemed Recruitment Partner”

Tax Team Hires at Amazon

Since 2021 Amazon has engaged us to deliver exceptional talent to their already high-calibre tax teams across areas of International Tax Advisory, Tax Compliance and Reporting, Indirect Taxes and Transfer Pricing. 

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A network,

not a database.

For us as a business, the candidate relationship is everything. Over the years, we have built an extensive network of Corporate Tax, Indirect Tax, Transfer Pricing and Employment Tax professionals. We know our candidates’ career needs and aspirations, and keeping our passive network engaged is critical to our tax recruiter’s success.

100 %
Offer stage within 4 weeks for perm roles
Every perm Tax role we worked in the past 6 months got to offer stage.
96 %
Offer stage within 2 weeks for contract roles
We successfully sourced Tax candidates for the majority of interim/contract tax roles we worked in the past 6 months.
98 %
Passed 3 month probation across Perm roles.
We really are your specialist Tax Recruiter.


& discretion.

Identifying and engaging with the best talent in the market requires knowledge, experience, discretion, and decisive judgement. Our tax consultants specialise in Permanent and Interim tax assignments, ensuring their insight, market understanding, and advice are relevant and current.


Phil Smyth

Phil Smyth

Director - Tax

Emily Silva

Emily Silva

Tax Consultant

Josh Burns

Josh Burns

Senior Tax Consultant

Albert Johnson

Tax Consultant

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