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Statement of Work (SoW) Services

Quality, efficiency and transparency

Our Statement of Work (SOW) solution is an attractive alternative to conventional recruitment models for organisations embarking on transformation projects seeking to save costs, ensure quality and compliance and remove legislative risks such as IR35.

Our solutions leverage cloud and digital capabilities to reinvent ways of working across the back and middle offices, underpinned by lean process excellence. We operate a network of almost 250 transformation consultants, finance experts and product engineers across back and middle office.

Effective Delivery

With a deep network of relationships across both mature and emerging technology solutions, we bring a new vision to corporate performance covering:

  • Integrated finance & operations performance management
  • Digital-enabled GBS & BPO transformation
  • Customer experience through our interaction engine service
  • Transformation & Digital transformation via lean process excellence
  • Recovery, restructuring, and turnaround services (for mid-cap and private equity-owned businesses)

Core Benefits

An outcome-based SOW can address problems such as project misalignment, fluctuating costs, inadequate control, suboptimal efficiency, and inconsistent quality.

By committing to specific deliverables within set timelines and budgets, we assume responsibility for projects and create substantial cost savings by eliminating inefficiencies and the need for rework.

The Consultancy Group takes charge of service contracts to ensure the successful delivery of projects by leveraging our pool of talented workers and managing them to meet stringent key performance indicators (KPIs) and outcomes.

Our clients can have peace of mind knowing we possess expert oversight of the entire project. We deliver according to agreed-upon, fixed timeframes and well-defined milestones.

The Consultancy Group become the end client and is accountable for IR35 compliance and the associated risks.

An accurate statement of work must be genuinely outsourced and is not a way to mask the provision of labour as a consultancy agreement. Such a model means we are responsible for deploying reasonable care and correctly assessing the tax status of any PSCs we engage, which is an appealing proposition for our clients.

SoW Team Contacts
Christian Pampellonne

Christian Pampellonne

Co Founder & Director

Olly Harper

Olly Harper

Associate Director

Dan Carter

Dan Carter

Senior Delivery Consultant

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$50m programme delivered on time and within budget

Technicolor Creative Studios IPO

We were selected by Technicolor to exclusively support them on their Transformation journey to separate one of their largest entities, Technicolor Creative Studios, from the wider group and subsequently take them to IPO.

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