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Transformation Programme Case Study

Delivery at speed,
unmatched by the competition.

Following a merger, Finastra had the opportunity to perform a global scale Transformation programme across Finance, Technology, HR and Data which included the re-deployment of teams and skillsets globally, an ERP implementation, a new CRM, a new Billing System and a new suite of Finance Processes to be used globally without exception. 

Initially selected as a vendor for the programme, The Consultancy Group began to deliver quality at speed, which was unmatched by the market and therefore secured an exclusive agreement to supply not only into Finance Transformation but across the broader landscape globally. 

The mandate was to source “best in the market” Big 4 Management Consultants to create an internal consulting team capable of delivering the programme. 

The programme carried a great deal of ambiguity and hired individuals had to undergo an intense interview process with The Consultancy Group before being introduced to the client.

Key Stats


59 Placements of which 98% of Candidates received an extension


Briefing to delivery of shortlist – 48 Hours 


1st Interview to deployment – 9 Days 

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