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With disruptive technology, economic uncertainty and intense competition all commonplace challenges for companies today, business transformation and change management are high on the corporate agenda. Our transformation division specialises in sourcing talented, high-calibre professionals across the business transformation arena. Roles include all areas of the project lifecycle: Head of Change/Transformation Director, Project/Programme Delivery, Project Manager, PMO, Business Analyst, Architect, Change Managers and more.

Delivery at speed, unmatched by competition.

Global Transformation Project

Following a merger, Finastra faced the daunting task of performing a global scale transformation programme across multiple areas, including finance, technology, HR, and data.  Find out why we secured an exclusive talent sourcing agreement with Finastra for the programme.

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$50m programme delivered on time and within budget

Technicolor Creative Studios IPO

We were selected by Technicolor to exclusively support them on their Transformation journey to separate one of their largest entities, Technicolor Creative Studios, from the wider group and subsequently take them to IPO.

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We provide SoW services for transformation projects

A network,

not a database.

In our experience, stand-out talent typically is not sourced via conventional recruitment methods and is becoming increasingly difficult to find. Since our inception, we have put the candidate at the heart of what we do. We have invested heavily in technology and candidate experience to develop and nurture our passive network you cannot find anywhere else. We know our candidates’ career needs and aspirations, and keeping our passive network engaged is key to our success.

Our team.
Christian Pampellonne

Christian Pampellonne

Co-Founder – The Consultancy Group

Dan Carter

Dan Carter

Senior Consultant- Digital Transformation

Chloe Ryan

Consultant - Data

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